Scenic Retreat Highlights with Original Music:

Spirited Visionary Dreamscapes - Original Music.

Sail away ... on a soothing esoteric sensual journey through legend, space and time by Brad Kalita.

A diverse Collection
of original music, & Illustrated
Prose & Short Stories.

Folk, Pop. Inspirational, Jazz
& Classical Music.

All profits go to
conservation efforts.


All lyrics, music & arrangements by Brad Kalita. © Instruments & vocals
performed & recorded by Brad Kalita. Original artwork & prose by same. Album layout &
graphics design by Gloria McCracken. All music digitally re-mastered by Gloria McCracken.

Site Highlights & Samples of Songs on Albums:

An Instrumental: Prime of Summertime

A Classical Instrumental: Prince of Summer

A Vocalization: A Child's Song

A Composition of Chimes: Fairy Dust

An Instrumental: Sailin' Free

An Instrumental: Fairies in Flight

An Instrumental: Dance of Poddlings

An Instrumental: Sacred Passages

A Selection of Ballads: What We Really Need, You Choose, & Child of Dreams

An Instrumental: Soul Jazz

A New Age Instrumental: Friendly Planets

A Ballad: Head for Home

A Ballad: Lazy Riverside

Two Ballads: Brave is the Heart and Gon'na Make It.

A New Age Instrumental Fantasia

An Instrumental: Crazy

A Ballad: Lighter Shade of Blue

A Ballad: Across the Northwest

An Instrumental: Fairies in Flight

A Ballad: Best Buddies

An Instrumental: The Silver Lining

A Ballad: Gentle One

An Instrumental: Travel Light

A Lively Instrumental: Mango Tango

A Ballad: Growing

A Song: Mystery of the Night

An Instrumental Dusk

An Emotive Instrumental: Canyon Flute

A Song: Now and Then

A Song: Like a Breeze

An Instrumental: Savannahs

An Instrumental: Ocean Swells

Selections from the Harbors of Light Prose Collection by Brad Kalita

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Gathering Light ... a retreat

Cabins in the forest on the river near Crater Lake.
Retreat for Nature Lovers is a non-smoking facility.

Music ~ "In My Wake" by Brad Kalita, founder ~

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