The Gathering ... vision and intended ambience at Gathering Light ... a retreat for nature lovers, a retreat for writers and artists, for lovers and honeymooners and a peaceful, personal spiritual retreat. Offering private, studio cabins, treehouses, vacation rentals, group and family lodging, the retreat is located in southern Oregon near Crater Lake National Park: The gathering takes place deep within the sanctity of the forest in a field speckled with wildlflowers near the soothing intonations of a sequestered stream. Lake a Maxfield Parrish painting, there is an inherent enchantment ot the setting, for the true spirit of the gathering is of the heart ... for those of gentle spirit wishing to share their higher selves with othters and nature. Whether casual or colorful, they come to walk the verdant meadows and colonnades of pines. Attracted to tinkling bells, fluttering banners and aromatic blends of exotic foods, congregating in the gathering area, people mingle to the wistful tunes of minstrels. Jugglers may juggle, comedians delight while belly dancers entrance. There is an ambience of tolerance and wholesome discretion, as some frolic naked in the river's nearby cooling waters while others simply shed part of their clothing 'neath the sun in innocent sensuality desiring to feel the breeze's warm caress. As the afternoon wanes, exotic sounds subtly fuse, seeming to invoke the diverse wonders and mysteries of nature. As evening arrives ... reds and oranges seep into the hillsides, the moon ascends, glowing like a lantern in the sky. There is a sense of magical enchantment as stars emerge, winking from a mixture of merging deep reds and blues ... People spontaneously form circles, dancing with uninhibited gaiety, holding hands, eyes sparkle, some simply cuddles ... stories are exchanged by the fireside following poignant pauses of mutual respect and appreciation ... kindred spirits embrace. A sense of dignity, oneness and wonder pervades, then quiet stillness ... Golden flakes, some say fairy dust, effervescent, gently fall, seen only by the few, envelop, replenishing. A great sense of lightness of being, insight, pervades. Stage lights dim, candles flicker, gradually fading. A profound contentment and peace permeates. As the moon rises ever highter and stars twinkle ever brighter, a miracle has occurred ... to those with hearts open enough to know ... and minds quiet enough to see. - Where my heart longs to wander. Brad Kaliat. Based upon a real experience and longing to return.

From the "Harbors of Light" Collection by Brad Kalita.

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