register for the gathering at gathering light ... a retreat: tree houses, treehouses, the cottage, cabins on the river in the forest at the retreat, a retreat for nature lovers, a retreat for writers and artists, for lovers and honeymooners and a peaceful, personal spiritual retreat. Offering private, studio cabins, treehouses, vacation rentals, group and family lodging, the retreat is located in southern oregon near crater lake national park.

  • Purpose:

    The purpose of the gathering & the retreat is to reconnect our higher selves with others & nature. Release our mask/fears, heal & integrate positive energy into our daily lives. Structure is moderated, allowing things to "just happen" & flow. Unlike the Oregon Country Fair & former Barter Fair, which evolved an ever greater commercial & "party" element with myriad distractions & stimulations, the emphasis will be kept on the natural & core ideals similar to the 60s, yet with an acquired vigilance, wisdom & wholesome discipline.

  • No smoking, alcohol, drugs, loud behavior, etc., will be allowed or tolerated.

  • Details:

    A portion of derived income will be used for conservation efforts.

    Attendance will be by advance reservation, limited to roughly 30 people to identify & discourage the uninvited, as well as, creating intimacy & a sense of community while preserving the untrammeled, peaceful ambience & natural character of the land.

    Since it is necessary to limit the number of persons attending, please bring those mature enough to derive the greatest benefit, so others are not disqualified by over capacity.

    Normally, extra is charged for hot tubs, sauna, rec hall, & more, as a gesture of faith in our guests that they will be used considerately, their use is offered as a privilege. Considering volume of use, it may be necessary to self-clean tubs, etc., prior to use.

  • Reservations/Costs:

    First check out our website for necessary valuable information, i.e., pets, etc. Then follow the normal procedure as you would if considering staying at the retreat while stating your wish to be included in the gathering.

    Day Use Only by Payment in Advance & Reservation Only: $7.00 single, $12.00 couple. Overnighters (also by reservation only, payment in advance,)

    See normal retreat charges detailed in website, day use included with payment of overnight lodging charges.

    If poor weather warrants cancellation or postponement, reservation $ will be applied to next gathering held or other visitations to the retreat.

    Our website is very comprehensive, containing many pictures of the grounds, facilities, etc., & should answer any questions pertaining to rates, facilities, lodgings, picnicking or policies, etc., (i.e., pets, etc.) For specific questions not addressed above or on the website, you may contact me personally if necessary, Brad Kalita, Founder.

  • Pets:

    Not generally allowed during the gatherings. Written permission is required for any exceptions made.

  • Musicians & other entertainers:

    A basic PA system may be provided (if necessary.) Musicians & other entertaining skills must be of reasonable ability/quality, as well as positive & inspiring both musically & lyrically to be staged or presented in general use areas. Volume & duration will be limited so as not to disturb our neighbors or other guests. If financial considerations allow, more skilled & popular entertainers may be provided with bartering options, free accommodations, paid expenses, bonuses, etc.

  • Vendors:

    To avoid a tendency towards greater commercialism & over competition, vendors will be limited. Balanced vegetarian food, etc., of high quality only allowed at reasonable cost. Permission to sell is required of all vendors. There is no charge to vendors for selling space; garbage disposal elsewhere and such is the vendor's responsibility. There is a dump nearby. Local stores are limited in their offerings.


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Gathering Light ... a retreat

Cabins in the forest on the river near Crater Lake.
Retreat for Nature Lovers is a non-smoking facility.

Serenity ... spirited visionary dreamscapes ... Mango Tango.

Scenic Highlights with Original Music by Brad Kalita, founder ~ Growing.