Local stores and provisioning:

Food is not presently
served at the retreat, although I
hope to offer a nutritious and
delicious blend sometime
in the future.

tree houses, treehouses, the cottage, cabins on the river in the forest at the retreat, a retreat for nature lovers, a retreat for writers and artists, for lovers and honeymooners and a peaceful, personal spiritual retreat. Offering private, studio cabins, treehouses, vacation rentals, group and family lodging, the retreat is located in southern oregon near crater lake national park.

Restaurants, etc, are nearby although few and limited due to rural
nature of the area. The local markets are fairly small, and therefore,
limited in selection with greater mark-up. A stop at a larger market preferably
offering natural, healthy foods prior to arrival for your greatest satisfaction and sense of
well being is suggested ... for the healthier you feel, the more rewarding your stay and travels will be. - bk

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Cabins in the forest on the river near Crater Lake.
Retreat for Nature Lovers is a non-smoking facility.