autumn on the river at gathering light ... cabins at the retreat in southern oregon near crater lake national park. stay at the cabins or try camping with your rv, not far from crater lake national park.

Poem for the Poet:

To convey the blush of dusk
... subtle pastel blues ... and marbled mauves.
The texture of driftwood, ocean mist, falls radiance, the fragrance of spring. A kiss ... Love in the air ... as if one were there.

This and more ... with a glimpse into
soul, that it may be more then seen, felt ...
Known ... to the heart ... Most profound
of humane preceptors.

To transcend the mundane to reveal
the uncommon in the common, simplify complexity,
ambiguity and shed light where light is seldom seen ... Perceive the unifying thread of life and
give voice to a tree, a mountain of stone,
or stream unseen. a rare quality ... indeed.


River frontage at the retreat ... for those who want to get away, hideaway in our cabins:nature lovers, artists of every type,
lovers and those seeking a spiritual retreat following a peaceful and personal path to the divine.

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Poem for the Poet, autumn on the river in the cabins at the retreat.

Gathering Light ... a retreat

Cabins in the forest on the river near Crater Lake National Park in Oregon.
Retreat for Nature Lovers' cabins are non-smoking.

Serenity ... spirited visionary dreamscapes ... Fairy Dust.

Scenic Highlights with Original Music by Brad Kalita, founder ~ Sailin' Free.