Reviews from guests at Gathering Light ... a retreat:
"Tree houses" & cabins near Crater Lake National Park in southern Oregon,
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located near crater lake national park and klamath basin birding trails in southern oregon. cabins near crater lake national park and klamath basin birding trails in southern oregon, try hiking, rafting, kayaking on the river near gathering light  a retreat; try our tree houses, the cottage, vacation rentals and/or rv camping.

Williamson River Gorge, untrammeled nature, not far from the retreat.

What Wonderful Solitude!

Hello Brad: I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. As I said, I shall send glowing reports to my friends. Wish I could stay longer, but there are things to do and see and my time is limited.

The next time my travels bring me this way I'll definitely make a reservation.


Speaking of the "Sunset" Log Cabin:

Brad: Thanks so much for creating such a wonderful peaceful space to enjoy the wonders that surround us.

We both loved this quiet cozy cabin; sitting outside, watching the stars, listening to the song of the wind through the leaves of the trees. Many Blessings.


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Gathering Light ... a retreat

Stay in the cabins at Gathering Light ... retreat near Crater Lake in Oregon.
Retreat for Nature Lovers' cabins are non-smoking.

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