cabins at Gathering Light ... a retreat for nature lovers located in southern Oregon near Crater Lake National Park and klamath basin birding trails. cabins, tree houses, vacation rentals and rv camping near crater lake national park and klamath basin birding trails in southern oregon.

View of the river from Chiloquin Ridge, above Gathering Light ... a retreat.

Rentals: Introduction to Policy & Rates:

Vacation Rentals, Extended Stays, & Intentional Communities
at Gathering Light ... a retreat.

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Established during the 1960s.


Using the retreat as a getaway to re-balance & a restful home-base while exploring the many exceptional natural features and cultural aspects of the surrounding area reduces gas, food, lodging expenses & time making arrangements, etc ...

Ideal as an alternative for budget-minded explorative nature lovers, hikers, rafters, wildlife watchers, birders or retired adventurers longing to escape the common place & homogeneity of the mainstream while communing with nature ... the convalescing soul in need of peaceful healing, contemplation and meditation ... writers and artists seeking to balance creative work with relaxation and recreation, the home employed, seasonally unemployed (i.e. teachers), academics on sabbatical or just wholesome retiring seclusion.

Basic Rentals: Descriptions, Considerations, Terms/Rates, Guidelines.

Cabins are knotty-pine with gas log fireplaces, fully furnished & decorated w/amenities & kitchens. Most include river views, yards, ponds, decks, screened porches, carports, sheds & average 150 feet apar and include use of other facilities.

Considering the unseen/untried character of presentations over the Internet distances making it impractical to visit prior to renting, and thereafter the unforeseen, we feel ethically obligated to provide the following flexible initial period though as a retreat renting term-wise.

Therefore ... if after arriving having stayed only 2 nights in a cabin, the pre-paid reserve deposit of $120 would be exchanged for that entire stay of up to 2 nights ( $75 for a "Treehouse/Unusual Dwelling".) In other words, the pre-paid $120 reserve deposit would apply as full rent for up to two nights without further cost or obligation when not having stayed a normal length of time. For further assurance of satisfaction if having stayer longer see: Contingency/Refund policy. Or for questions regarding the above: Contact Us.

Continuing your stay ... Having stayed the first two weeks the mid-month balance of $240 for the remaining two weeks would be due unless having vacated. The amount paid in two equal payments for a full amenity cabin including utilities having stayed the full month/term would therefore total $480. ( Unusual Structures: $300, RV Sites: $236 ) ... As can be seen, even if having departed early or having stayed intermittently, renting monthly is far more economical proportionally and as a retreat our norm.

Advantages ... Summary: Incorporating reasonable flexibility initially regarding term rentals of a unseen/untried nature assures fair exchange while maintaining low cost. Providing a mid-month payment within a monthly rental enhances affordability & cash flow while alleviating the unforeseen. Thereby even if departing early or having stayed intermittently within the rental period considering relatively low term rates net cost would still be low ... with the advantage of having reserved with the initial payment the option of continuing through the balance of the month ... therefore a monthly policy yet without the usual associated "baggage".

Note: We're not in the category of a hotel/motel or resort and thereby do not offer rates of such nature, i.e. Daily etc. Though to insure fair value compelled to provide an initial contingency period to alleviate the unforeseen, as a retreat we are naturally oriented towards lengths of stays most conducive to well-being which in turn gives us greater satisfaction, only charging enough to achieve sustainability, live modestly ourselves and remain affordable to everyone.

Therefore, if you've often felt depleted monetarily and otherwise after leaving, having stayed here like so many others you'll depart feeling refreshed with a renewed sense of wonder.

Still Confused ... Questions? Contact Us.

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Cabins and tree houses at Retreat for Nature Lovers near Crater Lake National Park in southern Oregon.

Retreat for Nature Lovers is a non-smoking facility.