Pets in the cabins at Gathering Light ... a retreat:
"Tree houses" & cabins near Crater Lake National Park in southern Oregon

While we love dogs, special stipulations do apply.

cabins, tree houses, rv camping, vacation rentals at Gathering Light ... a retreat for nature lovers located in southern oregon near crater lake national park and klamath basin birding trails. cabins, tree houses, rv camping and vacation rentals in the forest on the river near crater lake national park and klamath basin birding trails in southern oregon.

Refundable pet deposit required. See rates & rules.

Cabin 6 is the only cabin available for pets. That's because it's the last cabin &
has a yard & fenced in area. Guests are allowed one small dog or cat. Pets are allowed Elfin "Treehouse," the Stargazer "Treehouse," the Sunset Log Cabin, and when using the
Tipi. See rates for amounts due for each unit.

Large dogs, or puppies not allowed or with special permission only. Incontinent, intimidating,
aggressive and/or barking animals not allowed. Shedding Dogs not allowed. Puppies
not allowed. Only one small dog allowed on holidays, Pets are
not allowed to be left unattended! See Pet Rules.


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Gathering Light ... a retreat

Cabins in the forest on the river near Crater Lake National Park in Oregon.
Retreat for Nature Lovers' cabins are non-smoking.