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cabins at Gathering Light ... a retreat located in southern oregon near crater lake national park and klamath basin birding trails. cabins, tree houses, rv camping  on the river in the forest near crater lake national park and klamath basin birding trails in southern oregon.


Having indefinite plans you could choose to continue your visit as long as desirable, or pre-plan a longer visit, i.e., two consecutive weeks or more, or perhaps the first & last week, or weekends/nights, etc., within the rental period. We're also open to the possibility of co/joint renting as long as the number of occupants does not at any time exceed the stated maximum during occupancy, as well as pro-rating if deciding to rent longer than full-term.

Given the amount paid regardless of the length of stay, net cost would still be economical without incurring further charge or obligation minimizing any possibility of being dissatisfied, especially when considering amenities and utilities, as well as Cabin dimensions, full kitchen, fireplaces, knotty pine interior, bedside stereo, enclosed porch, yard w/picnic area, decks, ponds, carports, sheds, spacing/privacy, free use of other facilities, substantial river frontage and wooded acreage surrounded by natural scenic recreational wonders.

Providing a monthly based policy offers other advantages as well while inherently flexible. Comparative cost being approximately what you would pay otherwise even if having stayed considerably less then full term. The initial rent payment has the added advantage of reserving use for the full rental period providing the opportunity to stay however you might choose while still paying substantially less than similar stays elsewhere as simple deduction & math will confirm.

Even if having departed early, having paid at a modest monthly rate while keeping your options open, your cost would still be relatively low. Providing an affordable refundable contingency within a bi-payment monthly policy alleviates costs and possible misunderstandings, etc. with the added advantage of reserving the option of staying within the rental period as able or full term (up to 31 nights) or more if agreeable. By staying within applicable regulatory parameters such a rental approach allows greater flexibility and outstanding rates without further cost or obligation even if unable to stay full term. The initial amounts having paid thereafter are used as a "down-payment" toward rent when continue to stay while having reserved the ability to rent up to a full month, therefore technically a monthly policy yet without the usual costs and obligations associated, yet with the choice of continuing as such if desired.

Rental Policy Summary

As a "destination retreat" versus transient resort our rental policies unconventional term approach minimizes regulation while fulfilling the retreats objective to affordably provide lengths of stays adequate to rejuvenate etc. Therefore to alleviate initial costs and possible misconceptions derived from distances that make it impossible to visit prior to deciding to rent, considering the untried, unseen nature of vacation rentals via the Internet, as well as the unforeseeable while staying, we feel ethically compelled to provide that the initial payment or "down payment" be partially refundable including waiver of further payment(s). The initial payment having reserved continuing use full term, therefore, technically, a monthly policy, but without the usual costs and obligations associated, yet with the choice of continuing as such.

Incorporating a refundable contingency initially and mid-monthly payment within a monthly policy alleviate initial cost while allowing for the unforeseen, inability to stay further or in case dissatisfied.

Having as flexible a policy as possible and refundable contingency while not incurring further cost or commitment alleviates misunderstandings while minimizing initial costs allowing renters considerable advantages while economically enjoying the full measure comfortably of longer term stays.

Assuming continued occupancy, the rental relationship may be immediately voided by owner if payment(s) overdue unless having surrendered possession or vacated. The balance of rent being due in 15 nights (or mid-term) as well as a cleaning and general refundable security deposit equal to the term rent. We are open to pro-rated the rent after the initial 31 nights or full term, i.e. month, for up to 14 nights nights if not wishing to rent another fullmonth or longer.

Questions Regarding the above? Contact Us.

Balance, paid in cash in full, due upon arrival prior to occupying.

Pets may be allowed. Deposit Required. See policy & rules. Puppies, intimidating, disturbing dogs not permitted.

Storage Units are provided with cottage, cabins, RV sites, etc., & some other dwellings.
Additional rental storage may be available.

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Gathering Light ... a retreat

Cabins in the forest on the river near Crater Lake National Park in Oregon.
Retreat for Nature Lovers' cabins are non-smoking.