tree houses, treehouses, the cottage, cabins on the river in the forest at the retreat, a retreat for nature lovers, a retreat for writers and artists, for lovers and honeymooners and a peaceful, personal spiritual retreat. Offering private, studio cabins, treehouses, vacation rentals, group and family lodging, the retreat is located in southern oregon near crater lake national park.

Hiking the Sprague River upstream from the retreat.

Most Enjoyable Times to Come:

Our favorite time of the season begins around the beginning of June lasting to early July & once again in October when the radiance of fall colors are striking ... a pervasive calm and a mild warmth fills the air. Greater privacy and solitude are realized due to less congestion ~ road traffic & people. If it's at all possible to plan your a trip around these times, we highly recommend these two truly special & magical times of the year.

Prior to mid-May the weather is much less predictable; vegetation is still dormant, and may not seem as appealing. Beginning in the latter part of May, for approximately two weeks, the prolific Bitterbrush bloom, filling the air with a perfume of almost heavenly scent. June also offers beautiful cloud formations, mild fresh air currents, as well as lush greenery and blooms. In July the weather begins to turn warm to hot, and things begin to dry. The river at this time, due to water withdrawn for irrigation and ranching upstream, becomes fairly warm, somewhat shallow in places and "mossy" to varying degrees. Beginning around mid-August, things have become fairly dry and the weather begins to cool. By mid-September, the weather becomes moderate with chilly nights; irrigation withdrawals subside, and the river recovers substantially. By mid-October, autumn colors fill the air; around mid-November, winter begins to make its presence. Substantial snowfalls usually don't appear until mid-December.

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Most Enjoyable Times to Come to the Retreat.

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