Reviews from guests at Gathering Light ... a retreat:
"Tree houses" & cabins near Crater Lake National Park in southern Oregon

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gathering light ... a retreat located in southern oregon near crater lake national park and klamath basin birding trails. cabins near crater lake national park and klamath basin birding trails in southern oregon, try hiking, rafting, kayaking on the river near gathering light  a retreat; try our tree houses, the cottage, vacation rentals and/or rv camping.

I wish everyone could have the peace of dragonflies on your river, the sound of the breeze in your trees ... & a life without radio, television & interference, so that they could let the spirit be heard in their hearts.

Brad, I can't wait to see the dragonflies again. They are such magic!

Hugs, Cyn

(Cyn has visited the retreat two times. She sent this commentary
in an email, preparing for her 3rd visit.)

Autumn at the retreat pictured above.

Dear Brad, we'll never forget this place, with its peaceful
atmosphere & its starry sky.

You've done a great job out here!

Thanks a lot!


I had a great time on my stay at the retreat ... Thanks for everything.
Everything was perfect - the cabin, weather, the water front, hiking/walking
& on Saturday night the sky was awesome.

Thank you again.


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Gathering Light ... a retreat

Cabins in the forest on the river near Crater Lake National Park in Oregon.
Retreat for Nature Lovers' cabins are non-smoking.