CD album cover: Diamonds in the Rough, Personal Favorites 3 and 4. All music and arrangements by Brad Kalita. Instruments and vocals performed and recorded by Brad Kalita. Original artwork and prose by same. Album layout and design by Gloria McCracken.

Songlist for Diamonds in the Rough

Collections of original diverse music: Folk, pop, smooth jazz, instrumental & classical.

All music is original. Composed and performed by Brad Kalita, founder of Gathering Light ... Nature Retreat.

Purchase of most albums includes illustrated prose from the Harbors of Light prose collection by Brad Kalita.
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The Core Albums: Harbors of Light,, Through & Beyond and Just Be purchased together: $27.00.
The Core Albums and Dancing on the Keys, Looking Back and The Retreat Album: $43.00.

Costs for Shipping & Handling not included in these amounts.

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Artistic Creations by Brad Kalita:

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Harbors of Light Music Collection.

On the Shores of Paradise ... inspirational writings for the heart.

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