tree houses, treehouses, the cottage, cabins on the river in the forest at the retreat, a retreat for nature lovers, a retreat for writers and artists, for lovers and honeymooners and a peaceful, personal spiritual retreat. Offering private, studio cabins, treehouses, vacation rentals, group and family lodging, the retreat is located in southern oregon near crater lake national park.


... Living Light, at the retreat.

An alternative in getaways, retreats & intentional
communities ... for Living "Light" and Living Naturally.

Longing for greater sense of community, a soothing retreat or just a secluded getaway?

To visit or live economically & "lightly" yet privately & naturally in a beautiful forested river side setting? . . . With ample opportunities for exploration & relaxing tranquility.

"Leafy" river side getaways & havens elevated into the trees provide peaceful seclusion
& communion with nature while discretionary wholesome sunbathing & dips in a mile of river frontage offer refreshment.

Surrounding Scenic Attractions & Outdoor Recreational Opportunities :

Biking, hiking, canoeing, birding, world class mysterious Crater Lake,
Mt Shasta, Lava Beds, Caves. Also  . . . Hot Springs, Waterfalls, Lakes, Wildlife
Refuges, Wetlands, & Wilderness Areas.

"Gathering Light" offers a broad range of economic natural wellness promoting private or communal possibilities at surprisingly low cost conducive to fellowship & nurturing heart centered unstructured spirituality, ecological connectedness & independence.

"An Oasis for free thinking kindred spirits longing to share their higher
selves with nature & others."

"Diversity yet overarching commonality tempered & guided by wisdom."

... To achieve the highest use of the land.

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