Cozy Comfort Cabins, tree houses, treehouses, and the cottage at Gathering Light ... a retreat for nature lovers located in southern Oregon near Crater Lake National Park and klamath basin birding trails. cabins, tree houses, rv camping and vacation rentals in the forest on the river near crater lake national park and klamath basin birding trails in southern oregon.

Cabins at Gathering Light ... a retreat
"Tree houses", cabins & more near Crater Lake National Park in southern Oregon

Exteriors of Cabins ~ Cabin 3

Private, studio cabins, unpretentious, rustic & simple. Spacious & secluded, the lodge provides an opportunity for release from the rigors of modern life. All the features of the of the area are easily accessible. Bald Eagles fly overhead. Canadian Geese stop on the river in autumn and spring, and the air rings with geese honking. Surrounded by national forests, the retreat is well-wooded and wildlife abound. Ospreys, Hawks, Owls, Woodpeckers, Bald Eagles, Ducks, Geese, Herons, Otters, King Fishers, Blue jays, Chipmunks, Squirrels, Beaver, Muskrats, Raccoons, Quail, Mink, Bobcats, Elk & Deer have all been seen on occasion within the retreat.

The wetlands nearby provide wonderful opportunities for serious birders or simple enjoyment for one who just wants to relax and enjoy. The mountains, indeed, Chiloquin Ridge, just across the street provide opportunity for serious unstructured hiking or for a simple amble downstream. You'll find old Growth trees growing alongside the Sprague River on the northern end of Chiloquin Ridge. I remember my first hike on Chiloquin Ridge, me, a city girl. Brad stopped at one tree, a massive old sugar pine that had survived a fire at one time, & said, "I've never seen this tree before." That statement seemed amazing to me. That out of the forest abundance around us, he would recognize and know individual trees. Later, after having lived at the retreat for several years, it no longer seemed so incredible. That individual knowledge of trees was, and still is, beautiful, but now seemed quite to be expected. Another opportunity nearby, the Williamson River Gorge, serious hiking in the upper gorge, & a relatively simple walk along the lower gorge (be careful to watch for animal homes dug in the ground, & you'll be all right.) One summer Brad and I attempted he middle gorge; we didn't make it all the way, but it was hot, and on our way back we stopped at the outlet of an underground stream, drank some very cold water, took our clothes off and went swimming. Our own private little paradise on the Williamson River.

Lodgings in the retreat: whether cabins, the cottage, or whatever, provide an ideal setting for meditation, for creative endeavors for painters, writers, composers, poets & more. Perhaps you just need to get away, the setting is idyllic. That's what I thought when I first saw the retreat, and that was in the middle of one of hardest winters we'd had in Oregon. Personally, I, have spent much time with my computer on the back porch in cabin 3 enjoying the woods, writing poetry. ~ gm

As a precaution: There are no poisonous snakes, no poison oak or poison ivy. As in much of Oregon, there are mosquitoes, so come prepared. Note: Cougars and Bears have been sited on occasion.

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Gathering Light ... a retreat

Cabins in the forest on the river near Crater Lake National Park in Oregon.
Retreat for Nature Lovers' cabins are non-smoking.